Monday, May 08, 2006

Purple Ronny

This evening we went with Twitcher Teasdale for the Purple Ron at Twitchwell. We met up with fellow Team Bowell member Marc Read whilst standing around waiting for the Ron to pop up, who informed us we would probably be waiting quite a while. And indeed we did, about an hour and half, though that is nothing compared to last year where we were sitting at Cley all afternoon and evening and didn’t even see the blighter.

Thankfully this one decided to leap up, flap around a bit, do a massive crap, nearly land in a tree, miss and fall back down the reeds again. Purple Heron in the bag!

The only other bird of note was a male Garganey which was sat on the freshmarsh; it was about the only bird that didn’t seem bothered the presence of a Fox wandering around in circles looking for eggs.

We finished the evening off with a stop at the local chippy in Sunny Hunny. Nice!