Saturday, August 20, 2005

Norfolk 17/8 - 19/8

Red-backed Shrike, Kessingland, Suffolk, 19.08.05 © Josh Jones

Blimey! Seems ages ago that the wandering birders went birding together; we've barely had any spare time to do so of late what with Josh sunning himself in France during the second week of August and Will getting wet with other RYLA's at Grafham at the beginning of the month, its been hectic!

A gab in the shenanigans towards the end of the month has meant we can concentrate on what we love the most- migration. This past week's weather forecast looked hopefully for Wednesday and Thursday so early on Wednesday morning we headed off to Norfolk for a slice of the action.

We never expected a deluge of migrants, a trickle was we hoped we would be in store for with a tasty scarce drifter such as a Wryneck to make it all worth while. However our morning walk along Blakeney Point failed to produce more than drip of migrants with the highlight actually being a Black Guillemot zooming east on a mill-pond sea.Ruddy Shelduck, Cley NWT, Norfolk, 17.08.05 © Josh Jones

The Ruddy Shelduck were still at Cley, this time hanging around with a dodgey Pink-footed Goose among the honking Greylags.

Titchwell produced a Piedy and Spotted Fly during a couple of visits but the highlights were the waders. Curlew Sandpipes showed well at times and an exceptionally confiding adult Wood Sandpiper was top notch on Thursday evening.
Wood Sandpiper, Titchwell RSPB, Norfolk, 18.08.05 © Josh Jones
Wood Sandpiper, Titchwell RSPB, Norfolk, 18.08.05 © Will Bowell

The climax to the last few days came on Friday when we headed to Suffolk for a true drifter- a Red-backed Shrike. The directions were naff but we eventually found a birder watching this elusive juvenile and Josh got some mungus shots! For more photos taken during the past few days, see our Bird Gallery by clicking here.

Red-backed Shrike, Kessingland, Suffolk, 19.08.05 © Josh Jones


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What lovely photos, it more than makes up for not being birding.

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