Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Norfolk Wader Duo, 3/7

On Sunday, Josh and his Dad decided to have a day out together (something they haven't done for a while!) in Norfolk. First port of call for them was the Kentish Plover that had been present on Breydon Water. However, it hadn't been reported so far on the day, and it was a bit of gamble going. Luckily, the gamble paid off, and the Kentish was found feeding by the main channel from the south wall, by the rugby club.

Just before ticking off this bird, Josh had received a phone call from Will who had received a phone call from David Roche, who had just found an adult White-rumped Sandpiper on the freshmarsh at Titchwell (phew!), and so the plans for a relaxing day's birding were trashed by this find.
By mid-afternoon, Jones senior and Jones junior had ticked the bird off, and it was the younger Jones' second British tick of the day. The bird was enjoyed in the company of Titchwell volunteer warden Marc Read. Then it was on to the Lifeboat pub where a relaxing (and well-deserved) pint was to be had.

Meanwhile, the other half of the wandering birders, Will, was at home. He fortunately managed to get a lift off local birder Chris Orders to the White-rumped, which they enjoyed until it flew off at about half-seven that evening, never to be seen again.

Yet again, Norfolk comes up trumps!



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