Thursday, June 23, 2005

One good tern.....

As part of work experience with English Nature, Josh has had to study the Common Terns at Grummit's Scrape, on Nicholas Watts' land. So this evening both wandering birder went down to the hide with Will's camera and went for the flight shots with JJ getting the most pleasing shot of one with a fish.

Common Tern, Grummit's Scrape, Lincs, 24.06.05 | © Josh Jones

Will on the other hand only spent about a minute with the camera (the whole point of going was for JJ to take some pix for a project) and didn't get a great deal.

Common Tern, Grummit's Scrape, Lincs, 24.06.05 | © Will Bowell

Not much else was noted, the Oystercatcher young continue to grow and a male Sparrowhawk flew through.

More photos can be found here.


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