Thursday, June 16, 2005

Here's looking at you kid!

After a rather busy day in Peterborough and Deeping, a brief but productive walk round a local site was just what the doctor ordered!

The highlight was the target Long-eared Owls, of which I was rather hoping for some hunting shots of the adults if I was lucky, but instead I had to make do with the usual "in bush" shot, only this time with the squeaky gate chicks.

Long-eared Owl, Peterborough, 16.06.05 | © Will Bowell

At first there appeared to be just the onesqueakyy gate, but moving round a bit soon revealed a second, younger bird.

Long-eared Owl, Peterborough, 16.06.05 | © Will Bowell


Back looking for the adults, all we could muster was a single Barn Owl and Little Owl. This smart White Ermine was nearly a gonna, but thankfully I spotted it and got the shot.

White Emine, Peterborough, 16.06.05 | © Will Bowell



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