Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Quiet in'it?!

Those of you are reading this who are linking to the e-mailing group, peterbirder will have realised it has been pretty quiet on there for the past few weeks. Could the northerly cold winds be having that much of an effect on the local birding spots around Peterborough?

Well the answer is quiet possible yes, but there are certain birds that some of us have been spying of late that we dare not mention; for example Little Owl, Grey Partridge and Long-eared Owls- all mythical birds that highly sort after for a few. Who are those few? Well they are of course GPOG members taking part in the annual bird race this coming weekend!

The wandering birders' team ("To String a Mockingbird", with the two wandering birders and their Dads as team members) has no particular plan, and the inevitable recce-ing has been restricted to our local patches only! So do we stand any threat to the other teams? We shall see........ results will be announced on here next Monday!


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