Monday, May 09, 2005

Lesser Scaup

Thanks to the kind generosity of Josh's Mum, the wandering birders were able to hot foot it down to Rutland Water this late afternoon and finally tick off a proper Lesser Scaup. This comes a few months after the putative 1st winter female at Farnborough Hall in Warwickshire, which we made the long and tedious journey to see.

The Warwickshire bird seemed to have quite few irregularities about it, such as the big blue bill and rounded head. However this Rutland bird is an altogether more average looking thing, with no such little niggles to be made about this bird. It hung around a male Tufted Duck at the back Lagoon 3 (so very distant!), which it appears to be paired (the Tufty not the lagoon) with and there was certainly a bit of displaying and chasing going on.

Lesser Scaup, Rutland Water, Rutland | © Josh Jones

For such a brief visit, we actually saw and heard quite a bit, with a couple of 1st summer Goldeneye still hanging on and Lesser Whitethroat and Garden Warbler singing among the other warblers and migrants. Good numbers of Swift and hirundines, reflect what we have been seeing on our local pits in the past few days- but no Alpine Swift or Red rumped Swallows yet; they will come to us!


At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have already said this but I realized it was in the wrong part, you siad Rutland Warbler instead of Rutland Water!

At 2:13 AM, Blogger Wandering Birders said...

Well done for spotting the deliberate mistake….sorry though, you don’t win any thing ;-)


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