Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Great Reed Warbler, Willington GP, Beds | © Josh Jones

With Josh targeting a good year list this year, the wandering birders needed to go and collect the Great Reed Warbler at Willington GP in Bedfordshire. As we approached its strip of reed we were soon reminded how loud the 'Croaker' is as it sang deep from its reedbed home.

We stayed close to where it was singing from in the desperate hope that it would shimmy its way up the reed stem, but alas it failed to do so. But just as we were about to leave we saw the reeds bend a bit, and could hear it had moved to the edge of the reeds so ran round to the other side of the pit and enjoyed wonderful views of it (and JJ got the above shot).

Our first 'Croaker' was ticked at Deeping Lakes NR (back in the good old days when the pits were good, and it was called Welland Bank Pits) in 2001 so its on our local area list- but the views weren't quite as good as the Beds bird...


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