Wednesday, April 27, 2005

WPB's Deepings Birding Theory

It is Josh's job to update the blog regularly, but you will have to excuse the lack of recent adventures featured here; he has been busy with revision (that's when he's not birding of course!). Local birding has been taking our main focus, mainly 'cos the only places we can get to in a week day evening are patches within three miles of our houses!

We did do a spot of twitching for Yank Wigeon in Cambs (a rare event indeed [twitching in Cambs, not twitching in general]!) which we successfully saw and was a lifer for myself and a year tick for Josh.

Josh has been doing extremely well on his patch recently; Redstart, Waxwings, Spotted Redshank, Greenshank, Arctic Terns, etc have all been recorded within the past couple of weeks by Josh at Baston/Langtoft GP. My patch, has been going through something of a slump recently. But I have a theory.... for Deepings birding

WPB's Theory on Deepings area Birding: If one site is doing well then the rest will almost certainly be empty on passage. This is because passing birds generally get grounded at the same time and therefore at the same location (pot luck where though). If that location is being disturbed then they will carry on their passage north to the next spot.

This theory has been proved right, time and time again. For example all this week Deeping Lakes (Welland Bank Pits) has been pretty dead but for the odd Wheatear or Warbler. BLGP has, however been buzzing. In the past it has happened the other way round. This evening it was Deeping Lakes turn as it had Common Sand, Dunlin, Gropper, 2 Arctic Terns and a Whimbrel! All good birds to be recorded here, and I dare say if Josh had done BLGP he would have found the long staying Green Sand and Spotshank but little passage (actually other than the Arctic Terns and a single flyover Yellow Wag) there was very little vis mig this evening.

The Whimbrel was right next to the path and since it is a rare event to get them on the deck in the Deepings area I got a record shot taken at 8.40pm (basically the dark!), through a 26x eyepiece of a Leica APO 62 (so not the greatest light gathering in the world).

Whimbrel, Deeping Lakes NR, Lincs | © William Bowell

Hopefully both patches will continue to do well.



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