Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Weasel is weasily recognized.....

...and a Stoat is stoatally different.

This mad Stoat ran across the road at Blatherwyke this morning as Will and his Dad drove through the village, after gorging on the raptor fest over the Lake (well I say Lake..... its a dried up puddle at the moment).

Buzzards and Sparrowhawks were ten a penny, and as for Red Kites, they were getting to the point of being boring! The Lake, despite being a mass of mud, had no waders on it! All it needs is a few Dunlin on it and hopefully the rest will follow.

At Eyebrook a 1st summer Little Gull was the highlight and at Rutland a pair of Ospreys sat pretty, eating fish on the nest.


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