Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Ring-necked Duck

One of the wandering birders managed to catch a lift with Gary Heath for a rare twitch into Cambs for the Ring-necked Duck this early afternoon. Josh had already added this to his year list with one in the west country back in March, but Will was more than happy to his fourth ever RND in the UK (all of them males, this one being the first he's seen sporting a proper neck!).

The news coming through on the pagers was pretty poor, with word being that it flown on to the main reservoir from the lagoons, then news coming through immediately after saying it flown back onto the lagoons. Confusing. Needless to say, Gary and Will managed to eventually find it on the lagoon it was first located.

© Will Bowell Grafham Water, Cambs, 05.04.05.

Having no converters was pretty crap, so Will had to make do with some pretty awful record shots, but at least the last one shows the ring round the neck- if you squint.


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